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Laser treatment (pigmentation, vascular lesions, hair removal)

Our novel Clarity laser equipment bought in 2017 is a highly potent Alexandrit laser device combined with an Nd-YAG laser tool. The twin laser equipment conforms to the latest technological standards and successfully treats all types of pigment lesions, vascular lesions (spider veins on the leg, coupe rose and small facial veins). In addition, the laser device can be used to remove body hair (face, other body parts).

The cold air continuously blown onto the skin makes laser treatment pain-free. In the case of pigment or vascular lesions, a single treatment usually suffices while hair removal requires several treatments because of the variable growth phases of individual hair.

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Dr. Mark Nussberger’s Swiss practice of aesthetic and plastic surgery is located on the banks of the Rhine, in Basel. For over 20 years this FMH certified specialist has been performing the latest plastic reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgical procedures.

St Johanns-Vorstadt 70 CH-4056 Basel

+41 (0) 61 322 18 18

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